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Five Books set in Small Spaces

  • Submitted: 19th September 2023

Five Books set in small spaces

I love getting stuck in a book but what if you got really stuck in some of the places where these books are set?

A room in a house, a small building, a hiding place, a hole in the ground and maybe in a cave?

If you are  claustrophic, take a deep breath…..

Five Books set in Small Spaces


Stay Jane Bailey

Remote house no internet

Stay – Jane Bailey

A house in the middle of nowhere

No internet access

A barn at the back of the house which is dangerous

The pandemic hits and the main character really does get trapped




The Turnglass Gareth Rubin

Small rooms and one made from glass

The Turnglass by Gareth Rubin

A house with a very strange layout


Small rooms and one made entirely of glass!

Not much light in this house



On the Edge Jane Jesmond


Caves and small nooks

On the Edge – Jane Jesmond

Some of the smallest and most claustrophic places in the world! Imagine rock climbing and climbimg through caves.This is a gripping thriller but apart from that it’s the most




Air raid sheltersThe Air Raid Book Club Annie Lyons

The AirRaid Shelter by Annie Lyons

There’s not many smaller spaces than an air=raid shelter.  The stories of how people used them and coped with them are often sad. This book however lightens that up a little as it talks about hope and reading through the dark times.





The most famous small space in a book – The cupboard under the stairs

harry potterHarry Potter – J K Rowling

The cupboard under the stairs is of course the BEST small space as this is where we first meet the lovely Harry Potter. Imagine having to  live there as a child when it was not a fort or a shop you’d created? Bet a million children actually wanted to climb into cupboards after this.







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