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Best Book (Trails) of the Year!

  • Submitted: 30th December 2021

The Christmas Celebration of BookTrails It's that time of year again when I take a look back at the best books of the year -…

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Novel set in a hotel with a maid – Nita Prose

  • Submitted: 28th December 2021

Welcome to the Hotel with The Maid A joy to behold. That’s my one line review of this fantastic novel. Set in  a posh yet…

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Jólabókaflóð: A BookTrailer’s Dream

  • Submitted: 23rd December 2021

Jólabókaflóð: A BookTrailer's Dream Jólabókaflóð: A BookTrailer's Dream - Christmas Eve is the day when you exchange a book with someone. You then spend the…

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Novel set in London – Wahala Nikki May

  • Submitted: 20th December 2021

Wahala: a mix of London and Nigeria A book which is like sitting down with your best friends and having a right good laugh, some…

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Books to watch out for in January

  • Submitted: 15th December 2021

Books out in January to keep a watch for, There's a HUGE pile of books with publishing dates of January at BookTrail Towers. There are…

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Featured Book

The Story Collector

1910, 2024: In a quiet village in Ireland, a mysterious local myth is about to change everything…

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