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Category: BookTrail at the Movies

BookTrail Oscars 2021

  • Submitted: 25th April 2021

Books and film adaptations at the Oscars A few years ago, there was an Oscars ceremony for books here on The BookTrail. Due to popular…

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Book set in Hollywood – Finding Dorothy by Elizabeth Betts

  • Submitted: 13th April 2019

Follow the yellow brick road... A book about the story behind The Wonderful Wizard of Oz , the book that inspired the iconic film sounds exciting. One where…

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Written in Blood – Simon Toyne’s guide to the TV show

  • Submitted: 22nd October 2018

There's a fascinating TV show on CBS reality at the moment where best selling author Simon Toyne presents a programme all about crime writers and…

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Poldark – the story so far

  • Submitted: 7th June 2018

Poldark is back on our screens this Sunday so we thought it was time to look back on the story so far and catch up…

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BookTrail at the Movies

  • Submitted: 22nd April 2018

Tonight sees the adaptation of Wilkie Collins novel The Woman in White on BBC1. How will the Tv programme compare to the book? Well,it's a…

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