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Category: BookTrail at the Movies

Awards – BookTrail Oscars 2022 – The Quirky category

  • Submitted: 29th December 2022

Awards - BookTrail Oscars - The Quirky category Perhaps my favourite one to select - the books under this category have stayed with me for…

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Awards: BookTrail Oscars – 2022 – Settings

  • Submitted: 28th December 2022

BookTrail Awards 2022 - Settings Today is the second day of the BookTrail Oscars and it's the one that this site celebrates so much of…

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Awards: BookTrail Oscars – 2022 – Characters

  • Submitted: 27th December 2022

BookTrail Awards -  Characters It's  that time of year again. Best books lists appear all over the internet but here at The BookTrail Awards, the…

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From Book to Film – The Aftermath – Rhidian Brook

  • Submitted: 4th March 2022

A story of love in wartime Germany Postwar Germany. Colonel Lewis Morgan arrives in a ruined Hamburg to help rebuild the city. It has been…

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BookTrail Oscars 2021

  • Submitted: 25th April 2021

Books and film adaptations at the Oscars A few years ago, there was an Oscars ceremony for books here on The BookTrail. Due to popular…

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