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Category: Package Deals

BookTrail Travels with Books in May

  • Submitted: 28th April 2019

May is a good book for travelling via books! Oh the places we will go! Which package holidays can you expect to be popping into…

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TheBookTrail roundup of Travels via books in April

  • Submitted: 27th April 2019

April was a busy month travel and book wise. The number of miles travelled via books out in this first month of Spring was impressive.…

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Five books (plus chocolate) to tuck into at Easter

  • Submitted: 16th April 2019

Books to read at Easter. Themes of chocolate, rabbits and family time. Easter is obviously a religious festival but it's also a holiday for spendimg…

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Books set in the art world

  • Submitted: 2nd April 2019

Books set in the art world... All books are art, of course. But some titles are set in the art world and reveal some secrets…

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Five books perfect for Mother’s Day set in England

  • Submitted: 19th March 2019

There is a very special day this weekend. A day to celebrate mothers and mother figures. So what better time than this Travel Tuesday to…

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