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BookTrail Travels with books in February

  • Submitted: 2nd February 2020

Travel with some LOVEly books this February It's the month of love isn't it? The love of BOOKS that is. Single or not, you can…

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Travel the Best BookTrails and Literary Journeys of 2019

  • Submitted: 20th December 2019

The festive period is always the time to look back and think about the year before. The year of amazing books that is! Where have…

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TheBookTrail roundup of Travels via books in November

  • Submitted: 29th November 2019

BookTrail Travels with books in November There were some fine journeys with books this month! Whoah! Where did I go? There was a visit to…

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BookTrail Travels with Books in November

  • Submitted: 1st November 2019

Dark reads for November evenings There's tons of good books out there perfect for the darkest months of the year. This November brings out some…

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TheBookTrail roundup of Travels via books in October

  • Submitted: 31st October 2019

October was a good month for brilliant books There are some months where you really feel spoiled as a reader. I had so many books…

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