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Literary Settings – Jane Eyre’s Yorkshire

  • Submitted: 11th December 2014

We assume you’ve read Jane Eyre before you read this ‘Jane Eyre Trilogy’ as well there are a few mentions of a certain someone who…

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Books set in Iceland

  • Submitted: 20th November 2014

There is a phrase in Icelandic, “Ad ganga med bok I maganum” – which literally means ‘everyone has a book in their stomach’, or everyone…

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Chatting books with Leanne Leveaux of The Book Club

  • Submitted: 29th September 2014

Super excited today as we've got that lovely Leanne coming over from The Book Club - she talks books and book related things even more…

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Bookshops – Forum Books

  • Submitted: 13th July 2014

We have some wonderful booksellers up and down the country whose main passion in life is to ensure each and every one of us finds…

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Books set in Paris

  • Submitted: 28th March 2014

The world is full of people who love Paris. If you know the city already, you’ll be one of them If you’re about to go…

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The Book of Witching

1594, 2024:  Four hundred years separate them. One book binds them

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