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Authors take us on journeys and invite us to settings and places we might not have experienced before. Seeing a place through an author’s eyes is wonderful – visit a castle or a gothic setting, travel back in time and discover the joys of literary travel.

Travel via book means you can be an armchair traveller or one in real life. Here, the Literary Travel Agency guide take you on a journey fuelled with wanderlust.

Report from the (Sprayed) Edge: Kay Wilson and The Women’s Prize

  • Submitted: 24th July 2024

Kay Wilson goes to the Women’s prize for fiction A fantastic piece from new author Kay Wilson who recently attended the Women's Prize even in…

Karen Swan travels to St Kilda – the location of her novels

  • Submitted: 19th July 2024

The St Kilda of Karen Swan's novels Karen Swan travels to St Kilda - the location of her novels Oh it's a treat to head…

The Silent Killer Settings with Trevor Wood

  • Submitted: 17th July 2024

The Silent Killer with Trevor Wood Trevor Wood puts Newcastle on the map in his latest book and shows us around The Silent Killer sites...…

A Hot Girl Summer in London

  • Submitted: 16th July 2024

A Hot Girl Summer in London This is the kind of energy we need from a book title! Sophie Gravia is having a hot girl…

On location with A Woman of Opinion and Sean Lusk

  • Submitted: 14th July 2024

London, Italy and Yorkshire with Sean Lusk A very interesting trail today. Author Sean Lusk is here with the fascinating journey of Lady Mary Wortley…

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The Book of Witching

1594, 2024:  Four hundred years separate them. One book binds them

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