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As much fun travelling via fiction is, sometimes all you need is to sit back and take the time to enjoy a drink, a piece of cake and chat with the people on the journey with you. Authors act as travel guides of a sort and so we love to chat to them to talk about their setting, characters and inspiration.

So sit back, relax and enjoy with a cuppa and a cake of course!

Imber – The Lost Village

  • Submitted: 19th October 2017

It is with ghostly tingling pleasure that Neil Spring decided to come and chat about The Lost Village. A ghost village and the mysteries which…

Carol Drinkwater talks Paris, Provence and The Lost Girl

  • Submitted: 15th October 2017

Carol Drinkwater writes about her poignant story The Lost Girl which she felt compelled to write. How she prepared and researched the novel and what she…

The chills and thrills of Icelandic fiction

  • Submitted: 10th October 2017

There's a lot to be said for Icelandic fiction. An island country, with a language that is only spoken by 330.000 people. We completely rely…

Middle East Thrills – Charlie Fox – Zoe Sharp

  • Submitted: 6th October 2017

The world of the Charlie Fox thriller is wide and dangerous one. Locations across the world - but in the latest installment Fox Hunter, it's…

Antti Tuomainen in Hamina Finland

  • Submitted: 4th October 2017

Antti Toumainen has left Helsinki in his latest novel as he wanted to explore the often darker and more rural kind of crime. Where does…

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The Lost Village

1940s: There is a real life ghost town, tucked in to the Salisbury Plain…dare you enter?

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