Words leave imprints in your mind like footprints in the sand...
Chios, Greece
Prague, Czech Republic
Key West, Florida USA
Moscow, Russia


As much fun travelling via fiction is, sometimes all you need is to sit back and take the time to enjoy a drink, a piece of cake and chat with the people on the journey with you. Authors act as travel guides of a sort and so we love to chat to them to talk about their setting, characters and inspiration.

So sit back, relax and enjoy with a cuppa and a cake of course!

Granite Noir – Travel from Aberdeen across the world

  • Submitted: 21st February 2021

Granite Noir Weekend I've had a great time this weekend travelling to Aberdeen, a dark forest in Sweden, Iceland, Norway and..well the list was endless…

The London of Laura Shepherd Robinson

  • Submitted: 16th February 2021

Blood Sugar and Daughters of Night set in Georgian London Laura Shepherd Robinson won the Historical Writers Award for her novel Blood and Sugar in…

Literary Locations of Erin Morgenstern

  • Submitted: 14th February 2021

Magical literary settings of Erin Morgenstern There are lots of magical locations in the novels of Erin Morgenstern. She's written two novels that fully captivate…

Sami Day – Stold – a Swedish book to set the scene

  • Submitted: 6th February 2021

Sami day in Sweden Sami Day - Stold - a Swedish book to set the scene -  There's a book that has just come out…

BookTrail Birthday Celebrations

  • Submitted: 24th January 2021

It's the BookTrail's birthday Six years ago this week, TheBookTrail first started in its current form as a fully fledged website and it's been an…

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