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Authors take us on journeys and invite us to settings and places we might not have experienced before. Seeing a place through an author’s eyes is wonderful – visit a castle or a gothic setting, travel back in time and discover the joys of literary travel.

Travel via book means you can be an armchair traveller or one in real life. Here, the Literary Travel Agency guide take you on a journey fuelled with wanderlust.

Come to Hydra for an Island Love Song with Emma Cowell

  • Submitted: 31st May 2024

A visit to HYDRA and The Island Love Song Emma Cowell is your guide today. Hydra is on the boarding pass, so let's go! Come to…

Liam Bell and the locations in The Sleepless

  • Submitted: 29th May 2024

Liam Bell and the locations in The Sleepless Let's head off to Bonnie Scotland today and to a very small village in the Highlands..... Locations…

Victoria Springfield invites you to Italy!

  • Submitted: 26th May 2024

Victoria Springfield invites you to Italy! Oh get the suncream out and take a seat by the sea. The gelato is on its way and…

Nikki May travels to the locations in This Motherless Land

  • Submitted: 22nd May 2024

This Motherless Land With locations as far afield as Lagos, London and Barcelona, very happy to have Nikki May on The BookTrail today talking about…

Nikki Smith and The Guests in the Maldives

  • Submitted: 19th May 2024

Come to the Maldives with Nikki Smith Nikki Smith is offering you the chance to join her guests on the resort Asana Fushi - right in…

Featured Book

The Story Collector

1910, 2024: In a quiet village in Ireland, a mysterious local myth is about to change everything…

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