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Authors take us on journeys and invite us to settings and places we might not have experienced before. Seeing a place through an author’s eyes is wonderful – visit a castle or a gothic setting, travel back in time and discover the joys of literary travel.

Travel via book means you can be an armchair traveller or one in real life. Here, the Literary Travel Agency guide take you on a journey fuelled with wanderlust.

Travel with Tom B to Masterton, Paper Cage

  • Submitted: 14th February 2024

Author Tom B takes readers to Masterton, New Zealand The Children May Be Missing, but the Roast Beef is Easy to Find I started writing…

Travel with Yangsze Choo’s folklore fiction to Manchuria

  • Submitted: 13th February 2024

Yangsze Choo - The Fox Wife Oh what a TREAT on The BookTrail today. Yangsze is fast becoming one of my favourite authors. First The…

Finding the Lusitania with R.L. Graham

  • Submitted: 11th February 2024

Finding the Lusitania with R.L. Graham The cosy crime book Finding Death on the Lusitania is about a real ship and a real moment in…

Travel to Paris with Lynda Marron

  • Submitted: 7th February 2024

Last Chance in Paris by Lynda Marron Oh to be in Paris any time of year, but when you have a great novel to take…

Talking locations of Still Unwritten with Caroline Khoury

  • Submitted: 4th February 2024

Locations of Still Unwritten with Caroline Khoury I write escapist love stories and location has always been very important to me. You can expect to…

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The Darkest Night

2000s:  Some secrets last for generations . . .

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