Words leave imprints in your mind like footprints in the sand...
Lake Louise, Canada
Copenhagen, Denmark
Loch Ness, Scotland


As much fun travelling via fiction is, sometimes all you need is to sit back and take the time to enjoy a drink, a piece of cake and chat with the people on the journey with you. Authors act as travel guides of a sort and so we love to chat to them to talk about their setting, characters and inspiration.

So sit back, relax and enjoy with a cuppa and a cake of course!

Travel to Bucharest with Bogdan Teodorescu

  • Submitted: 20th May 2020

Romania landscapes in Sword by Bogdan Teodorescu The Romanian Noir novel Sword does much more than offer a great insight into the city of Bucharest,…

Travel along the Amber Route with Chris Schuler

  • Submitted: 16th May 2020

Author Chris Schuler takes us on a guided tour Along the Amber Route Today there's an author at The BookTrail who has travelled the length…

Literary Locations of Tina Frennstedt

  • Submitted: 11th May 2020

From Bangkok to Sweden with Tina Frennstedt Tina Frennstedt is one of Sweden's most acclaimed and hard-nosed crime reporters. She has been the news editor…

Mark VE Day with Carolyn Kirby

  • Submitted: 8th May 2020

Poznań and Posen - a journey by Carolyn Kirby Today is a special day - VE Day  - and it's also the day that When We…

Travel to Crozon with Henri Pick and David Foenkinos

  • Submitted: 4th May 2020

Travel to the most magical Library in the world The Library of Rejected Manuscripts - what a place, right? The magical novel which takes a…

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