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Oh the places we have been! Literary Locations 2021

  • Submitted: 29th December 2021

Where did you travel by book in 2021? There have been some fantastic travels in 2021 so I thought I would go on a little…

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Romantic locations with romcom authors

  • Submitted: 23rd December 2021

Romantic locations with romcom authors There is a book for everyone. They are books for everyone. There’s been chatter on Twitter recently celebrating fiction but…

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Travel to the settings of The Judge’s Apothecary – Emma-Nicole Lewis

  • Submitted: 15th December 2021

The literary locations of The Judge's Apothecary Emma-Nicole Lewis takes us on a journey of her novel.... Book research takes me on many road trips.…

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The Literary Locations of Agatha Christie

  • Submitted: 8th December 2021

Discover criminally good settings in Christie novels Every day is the perfect time to read Christie but there is something very special about reading one…

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Travel to Bologna with Tom Benjamin

  • Submitted: 3rd December 2021

A Quiet Death in Italy - Tom Benjamin's guided tour Fancy a city break in Bologna? That might not be possible right now but thanks…

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The Book of Witching

1594, 2024:  Four hundred years separate them. One book binds them

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