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Travel to Stockholm with The Carrier by Mattias Berg

  • Submitted: 23rd May 2019

 The Carrier set in Stockholm by Mattias Berg An explosive interview with Mattias Berg today - author of The Carrier. He paints quite the picture…

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Travel to Greece – All Those Who Are Loved – Victoria Hislop

  • Submitted: 21st May 2019

Victoria Hislop takes readers back in time to the Nazi occupation of Greece There's always a thrill in the air when Victoria Hislop releases a…

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Travel to the Isle of Wight for Stealing Roses and Heather Cooper

  • Submitted: 19th May 2019

Heather Cooper Stealing Roses is historical fiction set in Cowes.. When a book is set in the past, in Victorian times in the case of …

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Travel to Isle of Rum with no Sleep with CL Taylor

  • Submitted: 15th May 2019

Travel with Cally Taylor to the Island of Rum You won't sleep with this novel adventure. Heading up to the isle of Rum might sound…

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Travel to Oregon’s Mercy River with Glen Erik Hamilton

  • Submitted: 10th May 2019

In the Badlands of Oregon with Glen Erik Hamilton How do you create a landscape which is a central character in a novel yet is fictional?…

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Those Who Are Loved

1930s, 1941, 2000s: The Nazis have arrived in Greece…

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