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Copenhagen, Denmark

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  • Location: Paris

The Princesse de Clèves

1600s:  Perhaps the first historical novel and a classic of French literature

  • Location: Trieste

Confessions of Zeno

Zeno Consini is a neurotic business man obsessed by his own repeated failures to give up smoking. This is his story.

  • Location: New York City

The Wife Between Us

2000s: What a tangled and deadly web we weave

  • Location: Russia

The Lady with the Dog and Other Stories

1800s: Chekhov’s stories capture Russian provincial life in the late nineteenth century

  • Location: British Columbia

Jessie’s Island

Sick of the city? Want to visit an island?

Featured Book

The Water Thief

2000s: A man volunteers abroad for a year but finds himself caught up in the desert’s lair

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