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Prague, Czech Republic
Uluru, Australia

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  • Location: Hexham, Yorkshire

The Fake Wife

2023: She’s not who you think she is.

  • Location: Athens

The Figurine

1968, 2023: The questionable acquisition of cultural treasures and the price people – and countries – will pay to cling on to them.

  • Location: Saltdean, Brighton, Rottingdean

The Girls Left Behind

1985, 2017: No one believed them. But bones don’t lie.

  • Location: Japan, Kyoto

The Kamogawa Food Detectives

2023: What’s the one dish you’d do anything to taste just one more time?

  • Location: Aberdeenshire

The Unmaking of Ellie Rose

2000s: A single phone call from halfway across the world is all it takes to bring her home . . . ‘Ellie, something bad has happened.’

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