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Chios, Greece
Prague, Czech Republic
Key West, Florida USA
Moscow, Russia

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  • Location: England, Wales

The Complete Short Stories: Volume One

1944 – 1953: Enter the sinister, twisted world of Roald Dahl: whether you’re young or old, you’ll never want to leave.

  • Location: Copenhagen

The Stolen Angel (Louise Rick 6)

2000s: The granddaughter of a wealthy Sachs-Smith family is kidnapped in Copenhagen..

  • Location: Japan

Geisha: The Secret History of a Vanishing World

2000s: Westerners have been intrigued by the geisha for years..  

  • Location: Spain


1930s: A poignant, compassionate glimpse into the life of a child caught in a country at war with itself.

  • Location: Oslo


2000s: The mother of a missing two-year-old girl is seriously injured in a suspected terrorist attack in Oslo

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2000s: There are secrets waiting in Port Silver…

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