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Romance set in Dorset’s Kittiwake Cove

  • Submitted: 19th April 2024

Romance set in Dorset's Kittwake Cove A ray of sunshine in book form. Dorset and Barcelona here I come! Kittwake Cove might be fictional but it's not when you visit…

Historical fiction set in London

  • Submitted:

The Grand Illusion - Syd Moore Historical fiction inspired by the War Office response to the Nazi obsession with the occult... Now is that not enough to want to make…

Travel Writing set on a Train

  • Submitted: 17th April 2024

Travel Writing set on a Train - Pamela Mulloy Trains are a marvellous way to travel - there's something very special about the noise and atmosphere on board. Some trains…

Dark Island set on Orkney – Daniel Aubrey

  • Submitted: 16th April 2024

Dark Island - Daniel Aubrey Dark Island set on Orkney - Daniel Aubrey. Off to the Orkney islands and a crime novel with a difference. This story is told by…

Thriller set in the Maldives

  • Submitted: 15th April 2024

The Guests by Nikki Smith A thriller that takes me to the Maldives you say? A picnic on the white sands? Some nice fellow guests, although... ...some have secrets they…

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A Person is a Prayer

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