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Historical novel set in Paris art world

  • Submitted: 21st June 2024

The Paris Muse - Louisa Tregar If you love novels about women who history has hidden away then this is the novel for you. Map of locations in The Paris…

Bad Tourists set in the Maldives

  • Submitted: 20th June 2024

Bad Tourists - Maldives  - Caro Carver Bad Tourists set in the Maldives - This is one heck of a trip - both in terms of what goes on in…

Wheel of Fortune set in England – CF Dunn

  • Submitted: 18th June 2024

Wheel of Fortune set in England - CF Dunn Think this is another series about the War of the Roses? Think again - this is a fine addition to the…

Historical fantasy set in Kagoshima, Japan

  • Submitted: 17th June 2024

Gate to Kagoshima - Poppy Kuroki  2005: While researching her Japanese ancestors, Isla travels from Scotland to Kagoshima. There, a vicious typhoon and a strange white gate in a deserted shrine…

Books set in the World of Tennis

  • Submitted: 16th June 2024

Books set in the World of Tennis Nearly time for the tennis!! Got your strawberries and cream to hand? Dusted off that white outfit? Suncream, shoes and tennis balls? You…

Featured Book

The Story Collector

1910, 2024: In a quiet village in Ireland, a mysterious local myth is about to change everything…

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