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A mix of thoughts, opinions, literary travel tales to read when you’re deciding where to travel to next. A sort of literary departure lounge if you will!

Books set on the Titanic

  • Submitted: 13th April 2021

Titanic reads for the famous ship This week marks another anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. There have been numerous books both fact and fiction written about it and…

Thriller set in the world of ballet by Erin Kelly

  • Submitted: 12th April 2021

Swan Lake of the Ballet You wouldn't think that a thriller set in the world of the London Russian ballet would work but it does. Boy does it work. I…

Sunday Brunch – Bookshops reopening

  • Submitted: 11th April 2021

The Big Day #ChooseBookshops Sunday Brunch - Bookshops reopening - In England, bookworms everywhere are excited. Bookshops across the land are opening their doors and people are sitting wondering what…

Book set in the Tyrol Mountains – Sanctuary by Luca D’Andrea

  • Submitted: 8th April 2021

Care to take a Sanctuary in the Italian Mountains Sanctuary by Luca D'Andrea - Marlene Wegener is on the run. She's taken the jewels from her husband and ran into…

Literary Scenes on Train Platforms

  • Submitted: 6th April 2021

Station platforms form a major part of these novels Train station platforms. Places where people pass each other fleetingly, board trains, disembark, start and end journeys.... Sometimes they can be…

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