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A mix of thoughts, opinions, literary travel tales to read when you’re deciding where to travel to next. A sort of literary departure lounge if you will!

The BookTrail is a location guide!

  • Submitted: 17th January 2020

The BookTrail - Location guide for thriller writing course! There are lots of lovely messages and comments I get from authors when I put their booktrails on the site, but…

A tale of Wisconsin – Little Faith by Nickolas Butler

  • Submitted: 15th January 2020

Rural Wisconsin, faith and the meaning of life Some novels are so evocative of time and place that they allow you to wallow and wander. This novel does just that…

Novel set on Coney Island NY- Dreamland by Nancy Bilyeau

  • Submitted: 13th January 2020

Bookreview of Nancy Bilyeau's Dreamland set in Coney Island Roll up if you want to read a novel  which magically transports you to the island of all things Dreamlike! Dreamland was…

Ghostly novel set in Scottish Highlands – Pine by Francine Toon

  • Submitted: 12th January 2020

Ghostly vibes in remote Scotland Pine by Francine Toon Ghostly novel set in Scottish Highlands - Pine by Francine Toon When a novel comes in to BookTrail Towers with such…

Gritty thriller set in Philadelphia – Long Bright River by Liz Moore

  • Submitted: 9th January 2020

A portrayal of the opioid crisis in the USA - Philadelphia This is a novel with a difference. It's a crime fiction novel but one which comes at a very apt…

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