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Singapore set Journey to Paradise by Paula Greenlees

  • Submitted: 8th March 2021

Sail to Singapore with Paula Greenlees Singapore set Journey to Paradise by Paula Greenlees  - When Miranda moves to the Alexandra Quarter with husband Gerry, she hopes it will bring…

Happy World Book Day

  • Submitted: 4th March 2021

Happy World Book Day Happy World Book Day  to everyone! - We all know that World Book Day is every day, but today is a special day as  UNESCO has…

The Littlest Library set in Devon

  • Submitted: 1st March 2021

Visit the littlest library in Middlemass Glorious. What a lovely idea for a novel. A woman takes a wrong turn and discovers a cute village in Devon. Finds a house…

In the Palace of Flowers set in Iran – Victoria Princewill

  • Submitted: 26th February 2021

BookTrail it to the royal court of Persia This novel vividly recreates the court of the Iranian Shah in the 1890s. We follow Jamīla, an Abyssinian slave and Abimelech, a fellow…

Novel set in Fiji – The Castaways by Lucy Clarke

  • Submitted: 24th February 2021

CASTAWAY TO A FIJI ISLAND Want to escape to an island? For a wonderful retreat in the Fiji archipelago? This book takes you there and right into the heart of…

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