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Category: Bookshops of the world

A Canadian Evergreen Book hub – WOTS

  • Submitted: 25th September 2022

Evergreen book hub in Toronto There's something exciting happening in Toronto this weekend. There's a book hub appearing in the city today. A mini book…

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Indie Bookshop Week

  • Submitted: 26th June 2022

Independent BookShop Week What a week! A whole seven days where bookshops up and down the country celebrate all that is good and valuable about…

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Canadian Independent Bookshop Day

  • Submitted: 29th April 2022

Read Canada in books This Saturday Canada celebrates┬áCanadian Independent Bookstore Day.┬áCIBD is the annual day when readers, writers, illustrators, publishers, and book lovers everywhere come…

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Happy World Book Night and Day

  • Submitted: 23rd April 2022

A day for celebrating reading It's a grand old day and night tonight. People around the world are celebrating World Book Night and Day! In…

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The Edinburgh Book Fair’s new home

  • Submitted: 5th September 2021

The Edinburgh Book Fair has a new home A chance visit to Edinburgh in late August is always a good thing. When you get to…

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