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Category: Bookshops of the world

The Great British BookTrail – Edinburgh Books

  • Submitted: 30th July 2021

Edinburgh Books The Great British BookTrail – Edinburgh Books - The cool thing about Edinburgh is that there are so many second hand bookstores with…

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The Great British BookTrail – Toppings Bookstore

  • Submitted: 23rd July 2021

The BookTrail goes to Edinburgh Lockdown has given me bookstore anxiety. I have missed bookstores like nothing else on earth. Correction: I have missed bookstores…

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Sunday Brunch – Bookshops reopening

  • Submitted: 11th April 2021

The Big Day #ChooseBookshops Sunday Brunch - Bookshops reopening - In England, bookworms everywhere are excited. Bookshops across the land are opening their doors and…

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Independent BookStore Day – USA

  • Submitted: 27th April 2019

Never one to miss a book party, this is a very special day, particularly if you live in the USA. It's Independant Bookstore day when…

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Book set in Los Angeles – The Library Book by Susan Orlean

  • Submitted: 16th January 2019

The fire at the Los Angeles Public Library 1986 A library burns....not sure I wanted to read this at first. What could be a more…

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