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The Running Grave set in London/Cromer – Robert Galbraith

  • Submitted: 24th December 2023

The Running Grave - Robert Galbraith It's Christmas Eve so what better time than to review a book with a Robin in it? Robin Ellacott…

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Christmas Adventures – Lakeside Cottage – Erin Green

  • Submitted: 22nd December 2023

Christmas Adventures - Lakeside Cottage This book is perfect for Christmas¬† - I mean the title and the cover!! It's been out since October but…

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Christmas reads – A Winter in New York – Josie Silver

  • Submitted: 20th December 2023

Christmas reads - A Winter in New York - Josie Silver Where better to start again than New York? Iris arrives in the city of…

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Five Crime Fiction Books set in Iceland

  • Submitted: 18th December 2023

Books set in Iceland With¬†Jolabokaflod almost upon us,¬† let's head to Iceland via books and find some books set there so you can celebrate this…

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Search Party set in Cornwall

  • Submitted: 16th December 2023

Search Party in Cornwall with Hannah Richell I'm off to Cornwall today. Mad I know, it's December but this book comes out in January and…

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The Divorce

2000s: There are two sides to every story . . .

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