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One Italian Summer in Ischia – Catherine Mangan

  • Submitted: 9th June 2023

One Italian Summer in Ischia The tagline is 'Escape to Italy this summer and fall in love with the perfect holiday romance!. Well don't mind…

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Ritual of Fire set in Florence – David V Bishop

  • Submitted: 7th June 2023

Histfic set in Florence 1538 This is the third book in the stunning Cesare Aldo series and you don't have to read them in order…

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The Dive by Sarah Ochs set in Thailand.

  • Submitted: 6th June 2023

The Dive by Sarah Ochs set in Thailand If like me, you  are never going to go diving, then you really get to join the…

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Books about Holidays

  • Submitted: 5th June 2023

Have you Booked Your Holiday Yet? It's that time of year when people are thinking about taking a holiday. Or reading a book in the…

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Best BookTrail of the Month – May 2023

  • Submitted: 4th June 2023

Best BookTrail of the Month – May 2023 Oh my. I was EXCITED beyond belief to read this book. It was an easy choice but I read…

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Bad Summer People

2023: You are cordially invited to summer on New York State’s idyllic Fire Island. .

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