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Category: Travel Tuesday

Books to read on Halloween

  • Submitted: 13th October 2020

Halloween reads and BookTrails There's a little time to get yourself sorted for your Halloween read but I've found a few that you might want…

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Five books set in bookshops

  • Submitted: 6th October 2020

Five books set in bookshops #BookTrailLiterarySettings Missing Bookshop Day already? Well as we booklovers know, every day is bookshop day really! I've come across several…

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Books set in magical places

  • Submitted: 1st September 2020

Books set in circuses, theatres and toyshops All books take readers to magical places. I'm talking places where your imagination runs riot more than usual.…

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Important Streets in Fiction

  • Submitted: 25th August 2020

Streets, avenues, roads.....to stories All novels have streets and roads in them to be fair - well not those set on the moon and there's…

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A Trail of California in 10 books

  • Submitted: 26th May 2020

#TrailinTen California set reads Great Books to explore set in California¬† - California is the sunshine state, right? Well, it turns out that it attracts…

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