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Category: Travel Tuesday

Novels set in the court room

  • Submitted: 23rd November 2021

Novels set in the court room Not a place you would like to find yourself in under normal circumstances, unless you’re a judge or a…

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Books set during the Gold Rush

  • Submitted: 16th November 2021

Novels set during the Gold Rush Feeling the pinch with Christmas coming up? Think about the people who travelled miles and miles to try and…

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Books set in snowy climates

  • Submitted: 9th November 2021

Novels set in snowy climates A lovely little book popped into BookTrail towers recently which inspired this post. Fifty Words for Snow is a book…

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Children’s translated books from Brazil

  • Submitted: 21st September 2021

Children's books from Brazil One of the most diverse and fascinating parts of the world when it comes to children's books. It's the settings, the…

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Translated Childrens Books from Belgium

  • Submitted: 14th September 2021

Belgium's books for children What do you think of when you think about Belgium? Fries, Tintin, The European Union? Why not put some more children's…

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