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Category: Travel Tuesday

Five Books set in Japan – a BookTrail Literary Tour

  • Submitted: 22nd January 2019

Japan is a fascinating country and there are some brilliant books set here. Books allow you to see a side to a country you may…

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Five Books with a Foodie Twist – A BookTrail Literary Tour

  • Submitted: 15th January 2019

So, hands up. Who has dropped their New Year's resolutions to eat less cake? Eat less in general? No? Still on track?Well  with these books,…

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Five books set on the beach – A BookTrail Literary Tour

  • Submitted: 8th January 2019

The first Travel Tuesday in January and that means the world needs some books set on a beach. The media is full of celebrities jetting…

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Five books set in North East England – A Literary Tour

  • Submitted: 24th December 2018

The North East of England has a strong presence on the BookTrail Literary Map. There are so many good books set in and around Newcastle…

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Five books set in Australia, A Literary Tour

  • Submitted: 11th December 2018

Five great reads set in and around Australia There are a number of great reads set in Australia but this selection of Five Books set…

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