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Category: Literary Tours

Books set in the theatre

  • Submitted: 20th February 2022

Books help set the scene Picture the scene. You’re sitting in the dark, the curtain infront of you is about to rise up, the music…

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Books set on a plane

  • Submitted: 13th February 2022

Books set on a plane - sit tight! There have been a selection of books published recently that have reminded me of air travel. Ahh…

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Who lives in a fictional house like this? Quiz

  • Submitted: 16th January 2022

Books set in houses Houses are very key parts of many stories. They are not just where characters live, but are often the key part…

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Novels set in the court room

  • Submitted: 23rd November 2021

Novels set in the court room Not a place you would like to find yourself in under normal circumstances, unless you’re a judge or a…

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Books set during the Gold Rush

  • Submitted: 16th November 2021

Novels set during the Gold Rush Feeling the pinch with Christmas coming up? Think about the people who travelled miles and miles to try and…

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