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Books You Just Want to Hug

  • Submitted: 22nd February 2024

Books You Just Want to Hug

There are some books you just want to pick up from your shelf, or even the shelf in the bookstore, as that way, you’re hugging the characters within.

Which book would you hug? See the BookTrail list below:

Books You Just Want to Hug

Frank and Red Matt CoyneFrank and Red by Matt Coyne

Frank and Red are a mess.

Frank is a grumpy old curmudgeon. A recluse whose only company is the ‘ghost’ of his dead wife, Marcie. He is estranged from his friends, his son, and the ever-changing world beyond his front gate.

And then Red moves in next door.

Red is six. A boy struggling to adjust to the separation of his mum and dad, a new school, and the demonic school bully. Red is curious, smart, he never stops talking, and he’s got a trampoline.


The Painter's Daughters Emily HowesThe Painter’s Daughters by Emily Howe

Sisters Peggy and Molly Gainsborough are the best of friends and do everything together. They spy on their father as he paints, they rankle their mother as she manages the books, they tear barefoot through the muddy fields that surround their home. But there is another reason they are inseparable: from a young age, Molly has had a tendency to forget who she is, to fall into mental confusion, and Peggy knows instinctively that no one must find out.

As Peggy goes to greater lengths to protect her sister from the threat of an asylum, you will want to hug both sisters straight away!


The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold FryThe Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry Rachel Joyce

Harold walks the length and breadth of Britain for a very special reason.

He deserves all the hugs there are!







Atlas The Story of Pa Salt Lucinda Riley

Atlas – the story of Pa Salt by Lucinda Riley

The last book in the series detailing the seven sisters who Pa Salt rescues and adopts from around the world and brings back to Geneva. You will want to hug all of these sisters as they tell you their stories. In this book, you get to know how and why Pa Salt did what he did and what the girls meant to him.




The Secret Keeper Kate MortonThe Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

Readers of this website will know I have a soft spot for Jimmy but I would hug each of the characters in turn – especially Vivian. No spoilers but they all go through some major event. Vivien’s story really touched me.








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