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Five Books set in awful weather conditions

  • Submitted: 15th August 2023

Books set in awful weather conditions

July and August have not been the summer months we were all hoping for  have they? In the UK, we have had a bit of summer, but more rainy days sadly. However, don’t feel bad! There’s some poro fictional people having a much worse time that you are….

Five Books set in awful weather conditions


The Raging Storm Ann CleevesThe Raging Storm – Ann Cleeves

Title says it all really. There’s one heck of a storm in this book in more ways than one. It’s set on the coast of Devon with the fishing boats being thrown around like toys in the waters. The poor lifeboats which have to go and rescue them! It’s always scary when the weather turns bad if you are on a boat of somesort. In Scotland, on the ferries, they have been known to strap down the cars for the crossing!




Once a Monster Robert DinsdaleLONDON

Once a Monster by Robert Dinsdale

Plenty of gothic bad weather in this book. There’s a bunch of mudlarkers creeping about on the banks of the Thames looking for treasures people have lost, buried under the mud. It’s dark and damp and someone has been found beaten almost to death. There’s shadows all around, the mist on the river and the fog in the city and it’s grim weather wise. Utterly magical as a reading experience though!



The Honeymoon Kate GrayBali, Thailand

The Honeymoon by Kate Gray

Now you might think this an odd choice – BUT – there’s a rainstorm, a monsoon in the plot that changes everything. The rain soaks the steps on the cliff edge and there’s an accident as a result. Cliff edges in rainy and windy weather conditions are never good. In real life that is – in crime books they’re essential!




The Night of the Flood Zoe SommervilleNorfolk and the floods of 1952

The Night of the Flood – Zoe Sommerville

This is a poignant read as it is inspired by the very real floods in 1953. It shows just how water can devastate when it floods everything you hold dear.

This is the story of a community whose lives are literally destroyed overnight.

“But the time after a flood was always strangely full, teeming with life. Life had been undone, unmade, taken away by the sea. But what was left in its place?”


Ritual of Fire David BiishopThe Ritual of Fire by D V Bishop

This book will warm you up and dry you out! We all complain about rain and water but what about extreme heat? In this novel. we are in Italy but even the local characters are complaining about the heat so it must be bad!

What’s worse is that there is a killer on the loose and he is killing and torturing victims by roasting them alive in fires all over the city.







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