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Books set in the animal world

  • Submitted: 25th June 2019

Travel to the zoo

There’s many books with animals in the story which really take the reader into a new time and place. Habitats where wild animals roam, rural country homes with animals around them, or animals which make a place iconic because of their link. Books set in the animal world take you to some new places as well as some very interesting habitats!

books set in the animal world


We’ve built a zoo and herded several animals together which you can now visit and see the many marvellous creatures in new settings and surroundings:


The Peacock Room set in Sammezzano Castle by Merryn Corcoran

Peacocks with their bold colours and flamboyant feathers feature in novels with regal country homes or parks. This one is set in a castle in Italy where they have even inspired the decoration, of one grand room in particular. In a Peacock Summer you get to see a gorgeous house deep in the Buckinghamshire countryside:

“perched atop a gill like the crowning decoration on a huge cake or grazing the sky like a large cloud”

See: The Peacock Room set in TUSCANY

The Peacock Summer set in Buckinghamshire

The Night TIger by Yangsze Choo


The only place to really see tigers is in their natural habitat – Tiger takes you to the wilds of Siberia and looks at their care and study in a really unique way. For a bit more warmth, head to Malaysia where the tiger lives in a jungle of fauna and folklore.

See: Tiger by Polly Clark set in Siberia

The Night Tiger set in Malaysia by Yangsze Choo



swallow tail summer

Aah now for the most delicate of creatures. These flutter into many a novel. Lately, they’ve featured on the cover of Lucinda Riley’s new novel and Erica James’ too:

They represent freedom, beauty and transformation:

See: Swallowtail summer by Erica James set in Norfolk Broads

The Butterfly Room by Lucinda Riley set in England



One of the most memorable and atmospheric books of the year has been The Hunting Party set on the remote and chilly Scottish highlands. If it’s deer you want to see, apart from the cover, this is the place to see them!

See: The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley set in Scottish Highlands

See also: spot the elusive white stag in –

The Moon Sister set in Scottish Highlands

The Hunting Party - Lucy Foley

The Hunting Party – Lucy Foley

Your visit to the Animal in Books menagerie is over…..but there are many more books with animals as their theme or where these creatures play a major role.

Hunt more out here: Animals in books

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