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Five books set on the beach – A BookTrail Literary Tour

  • Submitted: 8th January 2019

Beach reads set on at the seaside

The first Travel Tuesday in January and that means the world needs some books set on a beach. The media is full of celebrities jetting around the world on their post Christmas break. But what about the rest of us? Well, there’s a book to take you to the place you’ve always wanted to go…

Books set on a beach - BookTrail Literary Tour

Books set on a beach – BookTrail Literary Tour

Books set on the beach - Annie's holiday by the seaTravel to Cornwall via Annie’s Holiday by the Sea, Liz Eeels

Holiday: Sandy beaches in Cornwall

Annie picks a nice beach in this novel. She heads down to Cornwall where, as we all know, the beaches are something else. Might be a bit cold in Janyuary but there ‘s sunshine in the book. Music too – Annie’s love of music leads her to relaunch the Salt Bay Choral Society. There’s also a rather brooding local named Josh Pasco …Does he have Poldark hair? Possibly. Despite the author’s name, there are no eels on the beach 😉




Books set on the beach - Longstone LJ RossTravel to Northumberland via LJ Ross’s Longstone

Holiday: Sandy and rugged coastline

There might be the great Northern winds to contend with, but this rugged coastline is something you will never forget. The amount of history and heritage in this region is second to none. A fantastic background for a novel with dark clouds on the horizon. Where the man who ferries tourists across the waters is found murdered at one of the most iconic sights on the North East coastline…



Books set on the beach - Palm Beach Finland - Antti TuomainenTravel to Finland via Palm Beach Finland – Antti Tuomainen

Holiday: A beach in Finland!

When you think of Beachy holiday locations, Finland doesn’t come to mind straight away. However, this is a mistake for have you been to Palm Beach? It’s a setting created by the author and even though its’ fictional it’s a place you will never forget:

“The Entire resort, which Jornwa Leivo had also renamed and completely rebranded, was shrouded in a garish glow: the buildings by the shore, the restaurant , the chalets and changing booths. …..The sign itself measured twenty metres by five metres; passers by were positively blinded by its bright neon colours, its monolithic lettering and slogan. Given it’s location, it was probably visible as far away as Tallinn.”


Books set on the beach - Girls Night Out liz fenton and lisa steinkeTravel to Tulum, Mexico via Girls Night Out –  Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke

Holiday: with the girls to Tulum!

A Holiday with friends. Sounds good, right? Fun and relaxing and time to spend quality time with friends. Well, you might want to take a closer look at your friends in case they ressemble those in the book. You wouldn’t want to go on holiday with any of this lot. It does make for a cracking novel though. Read on the beach for maximum effect.



Books set on the beach - One Thousand Stars and You Isabelle Broom

Books set on the beach – One Thousand Stars and You Isabelle Broom

Travel to Sri Lanka via One Thousand Stars and You  – Isabelle Broom

Holiday: A holiday romance to remember!

This is the perfect beach holiday in a book. You’re young, adventurous and want to explore the beaches of Siir Lanka. There, you meet someone who will change your life. That’s one thread of the story. Take your time to soak in the luscious descriptions of the beaches, palm trees and the sound of those waves.


Careful to keep the sand away from your book or kindle when you read though. Some of the descriptions in the books are very realistic.

Reading on location? Take a brush to keep the sand off.

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