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  • Location: Sri Lanka

One Thousand Stars and You

One Thousand Stars and You

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: Is your future really written in the stars?

  • ISBN: 978-1405935524
  • Genre: Fiction, Romance

What you need to know before your trail

One spark will illuminate both their lives

Alice is settling down. She has a steady boyfriend, a chance of promotion at work, and she’s soon to be married – it’s all she’s ever wanted….right?

Max meanwhile is also reassessing his life. He’s suffered a devastating injury, and so is determined to prove himself. Sick of being mollycoddled by friends and family, even though he knows they care, he decides to go on an adventure.

Sri Lanka  – a place where two lost souls meet.

Alice doesn’t know it yet, but her whole life is about to change.

Max doesn’t know it yet, but he’s the one who’s going to change it.

Travel Guide

Sri Lanka


Jamal suggests they visit here. And what a place when they go there!

Sigiriya Rock

The rock loomed over the surrounding landscape like the lost child of a mountain range. end of place and sync with its setting, but all the more impressive as a result. At its top was what remained of an ancient fortress, once undoubtedly resplendent, but now a collection of crumbled  foundations, worn stairways and dry earth.

The Cultural Triangle

North of Kandy – the hills and stunning landscape is known as “The King’s Land”, although most people know it as The Cultural Triangle. Rajarata is it traditional name.

Anuradhapura, is the capital of the island. Polonnaruwa – see the old ruins

Sigiriya, has an amazing rock citadel  you shouldn’t miss

Dambulla – and its cave temples


Colombo was  riot of colour, noise and activity, with care and tuk-tuk horns blaring, bicycles weaving precariously between the traffic, and a huge number of stray dogs wandering along the side of the road. Everyone they passed on the lit-up city streets was dressed in shades of vibrant red, sunshine yellows or deep, bright greens. There was clutter, and chaos and rubbish and shouting and music….


It was far less chaotic here in Habarana that it had been in Colombo, tuk- ruks still hurtled haphazardly in and out of the path of buses and cars, narrowly missing motorbikes piled to dangerous levels with passengers”

Tips for visiting the region and country at large:


Never turn your back to Buddha as it’s disrespectful

Ride a tuk tuk

“ Each one decorated in a different style. Alice say lurid pick canopies, golden tassles painted with fire stripes and lime-green quilted seats.”

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Booktrailer Review

Susan: @thebooktrailer

What a lovely story even if it did make me cry!

It’s going to make you do many things this book:
Crave to go to Sri Lanka almost immediately – the settings are evoked with style and there’s lots of atmospheric musings!
Spring clean your own life
Decide if your life is what you want and that its going where you want it to
How sometimes people come into your life at just the right time
How escaping a place can really help you see clearly

There’s a great character by the name of Max who has a disability he’s struggling with. Alice is struggling with her own problems – not physical but emotional and it’s this tug on the heart strings in the lives of both characters that really got me going!
Their stories intertwine of course and as they get to know each other, a story of hope, emotional turmoil and the chance to live again come to the fore.

And there is mention of a elephant dung notebook – I WANT ONE!

Full review later but I just couldn’t wait as this really moved me!

Booktrail Boarding Pass:  One Thousand Stars and You

Destination : Sri Lanka  Author/Guide: Isabelle Broom  Departure Time: 2000s

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