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  • Location: Queenstown, Otago region

One Winter Morning

One Winter Morning

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: On a winter morning she lost a piece of her heart. Can she find it?

  • ISBN: B07L8M63HZ
  • Genre: Fiction, Romance

What you need to know before your trail

Evangeline isn’t feeling festive this December.

The frost and fairy lights only remind her it’s been a year since she lost the mother who took her in as a baby and raised her.

She’s never felt more alone – until she discovers her birth mother’s identity. And where to find her.

A lifetime and thousands of miles have separated Evangeline and Bonnie. Now, travelling to New Zealand could be Evangeline’s chance to confront the woman who gave her up.

But is she ready for what she’ll find there?

The answers she’s been looking for, a new family to heal her . . . Or someone she could never have expected?

Travel Guide

Travel to New Zealand with Isabelle Broom

Meet Isabelle Broom One Winter’s Morning in Authors on location here

What a treat lies in store for the reader here as they are transported to the most rural and stunning spots in New Zealand. The farm where Evie heads to to find her mother might be fictional by name, but by nature, it’s very much real. Located in the aptly named Paradise Valley in the area of Glenorchy at the north end of Lake Wakatipu

Evie might come here to potentially uncover secrets from her past but the scenery and setting of this place moves her as it will you the reader! It’s an enchanting and almost ethereal place. Peaceful and fun – the horses on the farm where much of the novel is set is a glorious place; horses, laughter, rustling grass and then there’s Frisbee Golf!

Visit Queenstown and the Otago region

The first stop on the tour and the first stop from the airport where the adventure and the intrigue begins…

Lake Wakatipu

“The view out across the water is staggering. It is the sheer scale of the lakes and mountains here that so enthralls me. The male me feel smaller in size, but stronger in myself somehow. The flat Cambridgeshire countryside back home is isolating by comparison. Anything feels not only possible here, but probable too. It is, simply put, incredible.”

It’s not only the scenery here that shines, but the lack of noise and the birdsong. I swear you can hear it from every page.

Te Anau

The gorgeous lake side town where the stop for breakfast

Milford Sound

Rudyard Kipling once referred to it as the ‘eighth wonder of the world’. From this description in the novel alone you can see why:

“Vast peaks the colour of ash burst up out of the dark, swirling water of the fiord, while veils of mist cling like toddlers to their jagged sides. Waterfalls tumbled down from the clifftops, each one tossing its load into the deep basin below with a powerful yet lighthearted abandoned that both thrills and astounds me. The sky above is a faultless Tiffany Blue…..”

Early Maori people have discovered jade stone in the area we are told adding even more mystery to the place. There’s some lovely information and history of the Maori heritage. So much to discover!

There are scenes of course in London but the setting of New Zealand  is so nice that it deserves to be on the map on its own!

Trail Gallery

Booktrailer Review


I realise this is a really early review but sometimes when you read a book and read it at just the right time and it gives you all the feels and the emotions, you have to write a short review!

It’s a wonderful heartwarming yet heartbreaking story. That poor woman who goes in search of her mother! The mother who we learn about via her diaries and her thoughts as we follow her journey too.

Then there’s the setting of a fantastic horse riding school/farm in NZ where there’s a rather fit guy called Kit and a cheeky horse named Keith! You get to play golf frisbee and learn some cheeky sounding NZ slang!

All the stars and then some. This book made me happy and warm inside so keep this on your list people for when it comes out!

Booktrail Boarding Pass: One Winter Morning

Destination: Queenstown, Otago region  Author/Guide: Isabelle Broom Departure Time: 2000s

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