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Category: BookTrail Brunch

Book Origami and Crafts

  • Submitted: 18th December 2022

Craft a Christmas with books I have a deep seated passion for books and travel but sometimes I want to do something that doesn't involve…

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A Newcastle City Christmas Book Guide

  • Submitted: 11th December 2022

A Newcastle city Christmas book guide I love the build up to Christmas with all the books sparkling in the shops, the Christmas trees with…

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The BookTrail Guide to Fifty Words for Snow

  • Submitted: 27th October 2022

A book of snow A different kind of book for you today. One I read a while ago and one that I felt I had…

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Reading habits

  • Submitted: 12th December 2021

Habits you have when reading Humans are said to be creatures of habit. Wonder if that translates to readers? Do you have habits when reading?…

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A Day Out in Books

  • Submitted: 28th November 2021

Spend a day visiting several bookish settings If I could travel to the setting in one book from another, then I would have a fine…

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