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Reading habits

  • Submitted: 12th December 2021

Habits you have when reading Humans are said to be creatures of habit. Wonder if that translates to readers? Do you have habits when reading?…

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A Day Out in Books

  • Submitted: 28th November 2021

Spend a day visiting several bookish settings If I could travel to the setting in one book from another, then I would have a fine…

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Making Book Memories

  • Submitted: 19th September 2021

Making Book Memories One of the best gifts you can give a child is the gift of reading. No? Imagine growing up in a world…

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Why Reading Children’s Books is Good

  • Submitted: 12th September 2021

Why adults should read children's books There is something very comforting about reading children's books as an adult. They are reminders of a time gone…

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Celebrating World Kid Lit Month

  • Submitted: 29th August 2021

Books for children translated! September is a great month. TheĀ  start of the cooler months, which as all bookworms know, that means cosy nights in…

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