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Summer reading challenges

  • Submitted: 8th August 2021

Reading when the sun is shining There's something very special about reading outdoors in the sunshine. We often read in a different way too -…

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Reading books in different languages

  • Submitted: 18th July 2021

Reading books in foreign languages Some of the readers of this blog will know that I read books in five languages. I decided to learn…

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Best First Lines in Crime Fiction

  • Submitted: 26th June 2021

First lines in modern books There's always quotes and lines you remember from a novel. When you pick up a book, that first line especially…

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How to prepare a literary feast – food in fiction

  • Submitted: 13th June 2021

Food in books will fill you up like nothing else There are many a memorable scene where characters eat in books. Everyone remembers the famous…

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Top tips for making the most of literary travel

  • Submitted: 6th June 2021

Tourism literary style Literary tourismĀ  - the way of travelling via books instead of in the real world - has skyrocketed since the lockdown. Well,…

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