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Norfolk’s Leviathan by Rosie Andrews

  • Submitted: 24th January 2022

The Leviathan by Rosie Andrews What is a Leviathan I hear you ask? I had no idea before reading this novel but I have read…

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The Christie Affair of Harrogate by Nina de Gramont

  • Submitted: 19th January 2022

The Christie Affair of Harrogate and London When a novel comes along detailing those mysterious days when Agatha Christie wrote  the story of her own…

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Bay Tales – Whitley Bay’s first crime fiction festival

  • Submitted: 18th January 2022

Head to the Bay this February Whitley Bay is a small seaside town with big ambitions as this February it's the host of its very…

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Histfic set in Eyam – Hemlock Cure Joanne Burn

  • Submitted: 17th January 2022

Eyam, a real life plague village Histfic set in Eyam - Hemlock Cure Joanne Burn. Imagine visiting a plague village. What is a plague village…

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Who lives in a fictional house like this? Quiz

  • Submitted: 16th January 2022

Books set in houses Houses are very key parts of many stories. They are not just where characters live, but are often the key part…

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The Porcelain Doll

In a faraway kingdom, in a long-ago land ……

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