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Awards: BookTrail Oscars – 2022 – Characters

  • Submitted: 27th December 2022

BookTrail Awards –  Characters

It’s  that time of year again. Best books lists appear all over the internet but here at The BookTrail Awards, the focus in on not just the books as if they were up for Oscars. They should be – they are worthy of all the awards and today, the winners for the Best Fictional  Character in a leading role (male and female) and Best Ficitonal Character in s A Supporting Role with a special mention for Best Sidekick at the end of this post.

So. grab your popcorn and see who the winners are!

Favourite Fictional Female in a Leading role

Favourite Fictional Female in a Supporting role

Favourite Fictional Male in a Leading role

Favourite Fictional Male in a Supporting role

Favourite Sidekick

Drum roll please


Favourite Fictional Female in a Leading Role…..


Bookreview of Lessons in Chemistry
Meet Elizabeth Zott for Lessons in Chemistry - Bonnie Garmus

Book locations of Lessons in Chemistry

Elizabeth  won me over with her feisty, can’t-break-me attitude and general witty banter. She is fearless but vulnerable and I have never laughed or cried as much about a fictional character in a long time. Zottisms – things Elizabeth Zott said HAS to be in the dictionary soon if it isn’t already.


Favourite Fictional Female in a Supporting Role…..


BookTrail Review of The Bingo Hall Detectives 

Cosy crime set in Penrith

Book locations of Bingo Hall Detectives

Oh Amita, how I always think of you when I come across a mystery or two. I ask myself, what would Amita say or do? She’s part of the duo in this novel but for me, she’s the main star. Jason who also goes to bingo club is the other half of the duo and whilst he is fabulous, it’s Amita who wins the day for me.


Favourite Fictional Male in a Leading Role…..


Read The BookTrail’s review of The Spirit Engineer here

The Spirit Engineer

Book locations of The Spirit Engineer

AJ West has gone and taken one of my favourite subjects, actually two things to read about, and woven a fascinating and gloriously gothic tale. The main character is based on a real life figure from history which is something I LOVE to read about. The story is ‘ stranger than fiction’ but is fascinating and I could not take my eyes of it.

I, along with my fellow judges, found this an easy choice as winner for the HWA Historical Debut Crown Awards 2022

Favourite Fictional Male in a Supporting Role…..


BookTrail Review of The Darkest Sin

The Darkest Sin set in Florence - D V Bishop

Book locations of Darkest Sin

This is one dark character. He is brilliantly evoked on the pages he makes his appearance but he also has that menace that you fear as you turn the page. A baddie if ever there was one and I loved reading about him and finding out about him. Why was he the way he was? Why did he do what he did to the main character?

What a character!

Favourite sidekick

Six – Thirty (the dog in Lessons in Chemistry)

Meet Elizabeth Zott for Lessons in Chemistry - Bonnie Garmus

Oh there was only one winner for this category!. I was thrilled to learn in Bonnie’s author note that Six-Thirty is the only character in the book who’s actually based on a real being, and that was her actual dog Friday. I love this dog!!

Tomorrow – Location awards including ‘Settings which mess with your mind’, a setting to scare, a setting to aspire to, and a ‘what were you thinking? setting……


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