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Category: Postcards

The Coral Bride set in Gaspe Peninsula by Roxanne Bouchard

  • Submitted: 10th August 2020

Book set in Gaspe Peninsula Destination: Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec Setting: The rural, seafaring fishing communities of rural Quebec Plot: This isn't just a novel, it's…

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Blood red thriller set in London by Rod Reynolds

  • Submitted: 12th July 2020

Travel to the city of Blood That Rod Reynolds is a dark horse! For three books now I've been amongst gangsters and all kinds of…

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Icelandic Political thriller by Lilja Sigurðardóttir

  • Submitted: 6th July 2020

Politics in Iceland... Now before you think a novel set in the world of politics isn't for you think again. The cut -throat world where…

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Spirited tales set in Weymouth by Julie Cohen

  • Submitted: 3rd July 2020

A ghostly visit to Weymouth and India Set mainly in Dorset with passing visits to India, this is not a book for location seekers.   However,…

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Romantic novel set in Norway by Natalie Normann

  • Submitted: 23rd June 2020

Take yourself away to Norway on an island adventure! Romantic novel set in Norway by Natalie Normann - Oh to be in Norway right now!…

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