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Category: Postcards

Novel set in an alternative NYC – To Paradise

  • Submitted: 6th December 2021

To Paradise with Hanya Yanagihara In an alternate version of 1893 America, New York is part of the Free States, where people may live and…

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Bookreview of Arctic Curry Club by Dani Redd

  • Submitted: 2nd December 2021

Warm up with some Arctic curry A visit to the arctic is your travel destination for today. Chilling setting with a warm heart and some…

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Quirky Crime Fiction set in Finland by Antti Tuomainen

  • Submitted: 25th November 2021

A Finnish adventure park with a rabbit factor Ah the King of Finnish quirky crime is here and he's got a rabbit with him, a…

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Horror set in Ussalthwaite Yorkshire- Demon by Matt Wesolowski

  • Submitted: 23rd November 2021

The Demon of Ussalthwaite awaits.. Horror set in Ussalthwaite Yorkshire- Demon by Matt Wesolowski To all the fans of Six Stories out there - this…

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Sunset Swing set in LA by Ray Celestin

  • Submitted: 22nd November 2021

Sunset is in full swing in Los Angeles There’s good novels and there’s great novels. This is the final installment of the City Blues Quartet…

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