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Category: Postcards

Darjeeling Inheritance set in India by Liz Harris

  • Submitted: 11th September 2021

Darjeeling Inheritance by Liz Harris This is a novel that you have to drink tea when you are reading. It’s so immersive of time and place,…

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Daughters of War set in Dordogne By Dinah Jefferies

  • Submitted: 6th September 2021

Daughters of War set in Dordogne If there is any author you want to transport you to Dordogne and a story of family, hardship and…

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Histfic inspired by true story – Triflers – Camilla Bruce

  • Submitted: 30th August 2021

Belle Gunness - Triflers Need Not Apply Based on the true story of Belle Gunness whose murderous rampage began in Chicago in 1900, this is…

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Novel set in Japan – The Pine Islands by Marion Poschmann

  • Submitted: 18th August 2021

The Pine Islands  of Japan translated by Jen Calleja A  novel which takes a journey about life itself and creates a meandering and captivating story of…

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The Dark thriller set in Antarctica by Emma Haughton

  • Submitted: 16th August 2021

Is it Dark in Antarctica asks Emma Haughton? A&E doctor Kate North is offered the chance to be an emergency replacement at the UN research…

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