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BookTrail I Remember Paris – Lucy Diamond

  • Submitted: 23rd February 2024

I Remember Paris by Lucy Diamond I love novels set in Paris. I love books by Lucy Diamond. Mix them together and you get a…

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Books You Just Want to Hug

  • Submitted: 22nd February 2024

Books You Just Want to Hug There are some books you just want to pick up from your shelf, or even the shelf in the…

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Clairmont set in Geneva, England and Italy – L McDowell

  • Submitted: 19th February 2024

Clairmont - Stepsister of Mary Shelley Woman has baby with lover who then abandons her and the child. She follows him. He rejects her and…

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The Women set in Vietnam – Kristin Hannah

  • Submitted: 16th February 2024

The Women of Kristin Hannah I love a good story about women in tough situations. Or women's voices from history that have been silenced or…

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True life Victorian crime set in Great Yarmouth

  • Submitted: 15th February 2024

The Mysterious Mrs Hood - Mr Donovan True life Victorian crime set in Great Yarmouth - oh bring me a book that takes me back…

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The Shadow Key

1783:┬áThere’s something mysterious about the village of Penhelyg. Will unlocking its truth bring light or darkness?

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