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Awards – BookTrail Oscars 2022 – The Quirky category

  • Submitted: 29th December 2022

Awards – BookTrail Oscars – The Quirky category

Perhaps my favourite one to select – the books under this category have stayed with me for a whole host of reasons. These are the books that linger for sometimes unexpected reasons but there’s a certain something inside them that makes them stand out.

There are a mix of categories here…… the quirkier the better….


Where tlo Awards: BookTrail Oscars – 2022 –Novel and quirky

Where to start with this lovely lot?

Only the best and the most quirky of course!

Quirky could be the title of this book

Character with the quirkiest job

The Quirkiest character in a novel

The  novel with the quirkiest title


Book locations of The Moose Paradox

Quirky could be the title of this book

The Moose Paradox is, in the loveliest way possible, the quirkiest novel I have ever read. And I love it because of that. It’s different, fun, tense and darkly dry. The author wears the best shirts at book events and if he ever wants a second job, it has to be on a panel show or somewhere he can show off his humour in other ways.

Moose Paradox set in Finland - Antti Tuomainen

Character with the quirkiest job

Neva Friezland 

from The Weather Woman by Sally Gardner

Oh immediately I thought of this book. It’s a crazy world for women at the best of times but in this book it’s particularly strange. I’m talking of the time of the London Frost Fairs where our main character here can predict the weather. Due to social constraints, and the fact people thought she was mad in some way, she was forced to hide inside an automata to do her job! And this is a true story….WOW.

BookTrail Review of The Weather Woman

Book locations in The Weather Woman

Weather Woman set in London - Sally Gardner


The Quirkiest character in a novel

The  novel with the quirkiest title

Endurance Proudfoot

from The Bonesetter Woman by Frances Quinn

This is a lady who really existed so I was even more fascinated than normal to read about her.  Endurance Proudfoot has a very quirky name but it’s her attitude and her job that really made her stand out. She watches her father set bones and becomes fascinated with it – so much so that when told it’s not the job for a lady, she goes against that ‘ ruke. She heads to the zoo and watches now animals walk, watches people in the street, does odd jobs in the backroom of a pub. Will she get where she wants to be in life?

Endurance by name and endurance by nature.

Book locations in That Bonesetter Woman

The Bonesetter of London with Frances Quinn


The  novel with the quirkiest title

Whisper of the Seals

by Roxanne Bouchard. Translated – David Warriner

The Salt of the Sea was the first in the series and now Whisper of the Seals is the second to be translated by David Warriner. This was orginally written in French and this translation captures the nuances and the quirky nature of the  French very well indeed. That title struck me as soon as I saw it and it’s always a book I recommend on title alone – the book is very unique and special and it one where language, location and literary cover are so in harmony with each other.

Book locations in Whisper of the Seals

Whisper of the Seals set on the Magdalen Islands


There could be more on this list. I have read a LOT of quirky things this year but these are my best four.

What do you think?

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