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Merry Christmas BookTrailers!

  • Submitted: 22nd December 2022

Merry BookTrail Christmas

A message to wish every one of you a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new Year. I am hibernating this Christmas and reading, reading and reading some more so time off social media and time to chill with a book.

What I feel are essential things to have to hand during your festive season


BookTrail Christmas

Coffee or drink of choice in a suitable bookish mug

Book Mug from Marks and Spencer

Book Mug from Marks and Spencer


I love eating chestnuts when reading in the autumn/winter. Oh if only I had a roaring fire!

Book snacks

Some Bookish inspired decorations

I have an urge to make stars this time of year, to wrap presents in a fancy way if I can watching videos on you tube or by browsing The Works stores and getting inspiration that way. That’s where I got this nice paper from.

Book Origami and Crafts

A cushion made from a book tote

Some bookish friends to have over and/or to do Christmas zoom calls so you¬† can have a look at everyone’s book shelves behind them ( don’t say you don’t look).

I have lots of cushions like this and am currently sewing more so that I have a house full. I still have thousands of bags I can’t bear to give away so will have to think of something to do with them. A table cloth? ooh a book tent????

Book cushions

Book cushions

What I aspire to:

A roaring fire in the background

A book trolley with Christmas decs hanging off it

A book tent made from bookish totes.


What is your bookish wish list this Christmas. Whatever you do, hope it’s a very happy one!



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