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Awards: BookTrail Oscars – 2022 – Settings

  • Submitted: 28th December 2022

BookTrail Awards 2022 – Settings

Today is the second day of the BookTrail Oscars and it’s the one that this site celebrates so much of course – where books are set, filmed in the imagination and where the book takes you from the comfort of your armchair.

Awards: BookTrail Oscars – 2022 – Settings

Setting to avoid in real life

Setting to unsettle and scare

A setting I really want to visit

The ‘ I  Can’t Believe it’s Real’ setting

A setting stranger than fiction 


Drum roll please….


Setting to avoid in real life

LICHEN HALL- The Ghost Woods by C J Cooke

Book locations of The Ghost Woods

Ha Luckily, this location is fictional but it feels so real as CJ Cooke has created a set that is really believable to the point of being scary. CJ  really creates the creepy and chilling sense of the dark woods on each and every page.  I swear, if you read this and you hear a twig snap or something, then run for your life!

The Ghost Woods set in Scotland - C J Cooke


Setting to unsettle and scare

The Seance room in The Spirit Engineer – By A J West

This was brilliant to read about – being in the middle of a seance – but it was a scary time. It felt very real and very authentic so that’s why it made such a  mark on me. It was based on a real life case and characters but the author has really evoked the atmosphere and scene and made it his own. Cinematic!

BookTrail Review of The Spirit Engineer

Book locations in The Spirit Engineer

The Spirit Engineer


A setting I really want to visit

The CLOISTERS museum in THE CLOISTERS by Katy Hayes

After having read about the Cloisters, I just HAVE to visit this place! This gothic museum with its secrets is a real place in New York City and if it’s even half as amazing as the version I went into in the book then….wonderful!

BookTrail Review – The Cloisters in New York City

Book locations in The Cloisters

The ‘ I Can’t Believe it’s Real’ setting

The asylum in Madwoman by Louisa Treger

This has to be the most disturbing place I have visited in a book. Thanks to the skill of the author, I felt as if I was there. The main character, Nellie Bly is based on a real person and she volunteered to be incarcerated in order to discover the level of corruption within. I take my hat off to this woman as even reading this book, I know I wouldn’t have been as brave. Amazing to read about and to think this place really existed? Astounding.

Book locations in Madwoman  – Louisa Treger

Madwoman set in a New York Asylum


A setting stranger than fiction 

YouMeFun, a adventure park in Finland –

as seen in The Moose Paradox by Antti Tuomainen

BookTrail review of The Moose Paradox

Book locations in The Moose Paradox

This has to be the craziest setting I have ever been to in a book, or in real life for that matter. And I’ve been to Vegas! This is a crazy, unbelievable setting that really stands out as this is the second visit but the craziest. Read The Rabbit Factor and then visit the adventure park in The Moose Paradox to see if you remembered right. I can tell you now, you did? Haha. Wild, crazy and dark – just be pleased this is not a real park.

Moose Paradox set in Finland - Antti Tuomainen


Where have you been this year via a book where you will never forget?

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