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The Cloisters set in New York – Katy Hayes

  • Submitted: 24th October 2022

The Cloisters is a rather  fabulous gothic museum and garden renowned for its collection of medieval and Renaissance art. It is part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York but the Cloisters is a very special place in its own right as Ann Stilwell who has come to work here is about to find out…

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The Cloisters set in New York - Katy Hayes

Boarding Pass Information: New York

Author guide: Katy Hayes

Genre: gothic and mysterious

Food and drink to accompany: you won’t be able to see it. It’s dark.

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Come inside the Cloisters and discover a world hidden in plain sight –  Dark academia

The cover of this book made me tingle with anticipation. Just look at that art work. Stunning. I could  only imagine the art in the museum inside the novel after having seen that. The name – The Cloisters. The fact it was part of the very famous Met Museum of Art just made me feel as if this was going to be very special indeed.

There’s a group of enigmatic researchers studying the history of divination within its walls. Enter Ann Stillwell, who is trying to forget her painful past, is perhaps more open than most to what she learns abougt fortune telling and tarot cards.

The Cloisters set in New York - Katy Hayes

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When she finds the decks of cards from the 15th century I got a real shiver up my spine. These cards were said to predict the future after all. Well, what follows keopt me utterly spellbound and intrigued. I found I was holding my breath at one point. A dangerous game of power and sedution ensues and it was wonderfully dangerous to be part of it.

Oh my word. The Cloisters lept from the page. It was so wonderfully vivid, immersive and deliciously slow enough to showcase this amazing place. The silence, the possibilities of discovery, the danger and power of the tarot.

This is a novel with a setting to mesmerise you. It infuses your brain like a drug and sinks into your soul. Oh just read a few chapters to get the setting built up in your brain, and then close your eyes, It’s there – the colours, aromas and ornateness of the garden and the buildings beyond.

The Cloisters set in New York - Katy Hayes

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This novel has been likened to Donna Tartt. Well I would even add a little Louis Caroll in there. The weird magic and trying to see what is real and what is not – is a game you’re going to love to play.

I’m absolutely stunned this is a debut. Dark academia just got darker.


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