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  • Location: Seahouses, Bamburgh, Farne Islands, Northumberland

Longstone (DCI Ryan 10)

Longstone (DCI Ryan 10)

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2000s: The tenth case for DCI Ryan and he’s between the devil and the deep blue sea

  • ISBN: B07K1PDW32
  • Genre: Crime, Mystery, Police Procedural

What you need to know before your trail

Viking treasure is discovered beneath the icy waters of the North Sea and local historian Doctor Anna Taylor is called in to help catalogue the most exciting hoard in living memory. But when a shipwreck diver washes up dead, she’s soon out of her depth. Luckily, she knows just the person to call…

When DCI Ryan arrives at the picturesque fishing town of Seahouses, he’s faced with an impenetrable wall of secrets and lies. As he juggles marine archaeology and the cutthroat world of shipwreck diving, another murder blows the case wide open. To uncover the truth, Ryan must delve deeper into the hearts of those around him to find what lies beneath…

Travel Guide

BookTrail Travel to Seahouses

Longstone Lighthouse, theLongstone of the title, is an active 19th century lighthouse lighthouse located on Longstone Rock in the outer group of the Farne Islands. It was completed in 1826, electrified in 1952 & automated in 1990. It has some history in other words! It has played a major role in the nautical history of the region.


A quiet but popular village with tourists. Sailing and diving activities are very popular here.

“The North Eastern coastline boasted a high number of shipwrecks; unfortunate galleons and cargo ships. Paddle steamers and military vessels having been lost to its rocky shoreline and tempestuous weather over the centuries.”

There’s talk of shipwrecks found at Beadnell, out of the Seahouses harbour which is a nice harbour to spend some time. Take your fish and chips but beware of the seagulls!

The rest of the novel is a great guide to the region’s sea treasures and coastal villages:


A mile or two north of Seahouses. “It was a beautiful spot; a golden, sandy beach swept out to miles beneath a mighty castle fortress perched on a craggy hilltop where, once, early kings of England had reigned.

The Farne Islands

The Farne Islands consisted of between fifteen and twenty eight small islands depending on the tide, including a nature reserve that was home to thousands of protected birds and a pair of lighthouses that had been warding ships from the wrecks for nearly two hundred years.

This is where much of the action and the mystery takes place. Boat trips are available from Seahouses harbour.

Longstone Lighthouse

Longstone Lighthouse

BookTrail Boarding Pass: Longstone (DCI Ryan 10)

Destination: Seahouses, Farne Islands Northumberland Author/guide: L J Ross  Departure Time: 2000s

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