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Five Books set in Gothic Houses

  • Submitted: 8th August 2023

Books set in gothic houses

Five Books set in gothic houses – One of the best kinds of books to fall into, is those where  books are set in a strong gothic setting.  The dark corridors, the shadows lurking as you turn the corner, the huge wooden doors. Think castles, crumbling mansions and remote stately homes.

More books set in gothic houses here

Five Books set in gothic houses

What books take you on this kind of literary journey?


The Turnglass Gareth RubinThe Turnglass – Gareth Rubin

There are two houses in this book. One of the houses in England is a gothic treasure. Remote, ornate walls, dark shadows and something strange going on. There is a glass cage in one room where in amongst the shadows, someone or something is being held captive….





The Good Liars Anita FrankThe Good Liars by Anita Frank

The house in this novel is called DarkAcre so you can guess what’s it like from the name alone.A family live there with the scars of the war very much evident. It’s remote and unsettling visiting this place and you just know something is going on.

The blurb says ; ‘As the dead return to haunt the living….’ and this is what gives the chills when reading.




The Only One Left Riley SagerThe Only One Left by Riley Sager

This is one creepy house! There are only two characters here so it’s very lonely and chilling. One is ill in bed and can’t walk around. The other, a carer, who is asked to type the bedridden character’s story. And what a story! She is suspected of having killed her family and of being the only survivor of a tragedy at the house. Would you want to spend time with either of these people? In a house on the edge of a cliff where you can hear the wind, the harsh slap of the waves on the rocks below and where your only companion could be a murderer?



The Lost Ones Anita FrankThe Lost Ones by Anita Frank

This has to be one of the most gothic houses in fiction. Creaky staircases, doors that lead to nowhere, servants who seem  to creep around rather than walk. There are strange noises and strange goings on that leads one of the characters to leave a trap to see who or what is stalking the corridors at night.

Then there’s the sound of a baby wailing. But there is no bay in the house.




The Secrets of Hartwood Hall Katie LumsdenThe Secrets of Hartswood Hall – Katie Lumsden

Now THIS is gothic. A governess gets a job at a remote house. However:

Strange figures move through the dark.
Tensions rise between the servants.
The east wing sits eerily abandoned . .



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