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Books set in Pampering Places

  • Submitted: 29th August 2023

Books set in Pampering Places

There’s books set in all manner of pampering places and it’s not just about spas and swimming pools. Bookshops are also pampering places for the soul.

Here are a few books where there’s a special nod to a pampering experience.

books set in pampering places

A Beautiful Rival Gill Paul


A Beautiful Rival – Gill Paul  

The book that goes behind the scenes of the Arden and Rubenstein beauty empires has to be the first in the selection! Both of these ladies were iconic and showed women that the latest must-have cream was what was missing in their lives.

We see how they both built their empires, fought to be the number one and got on (or not) with each other.



Life and Otter Miracles Hazel Gaynor


Love and Other Otters – Hazel Prior

There’s no better pamper time than spending it with animals. In this sweet story, someone rescues a baby otter and there’s an otter sanctuary in the story. What better self care is there? The question is – who is saving whom?

This is a pamper in novel form.




Meet Me In Milan Sophie Gravia


Meet me in Milan – Sophie Gravia

Sometimes all you need is a mooch around the shops. Where better than to head to Milan and enjoy what this Italian city has to offer?

The shops in Italy are amazing and the range of goods on offer! Plus just think of those wonderful Italian leather goods and chocolates! Oh and there’s plenty of spas and Italian beauty products of course.




shadow of the windBARCELONA, SPAIN

The Shadow of the Wind – Carlos Ruiz Zafon

This is THE best pampering place for booklovers everywhere and it’s an unforgetteable experience to find yourself in The Cemetery of Forgotten Books and  to wander around exploring all of the books there.  The bookshop in this novel is also a dream as are the cobbled streets and the delicious bookish mystery at its heart. Sniff those pages and dive right in.




Fair Rosaline Natasha SolomonsVERONA ITALY

Fair Rosaline – Natasha Solomons

What is more pampeing for the soul than a story of love? This is said to be the real story behind Romeo and Juliet. A retelling of the most famous love story of them all – from someone history has decided to hide away. Until now. Just who was Rosaline and what can she tell us about Romeo and Juliet?


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