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Category: Travel Tuesday

Five books where animals steal the scene

  • Submitted: 15th June 2021

Novel with animals stealing the show Characters are fundamental to a good plot. What about books where animals steal the show and they are the…

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Travel Tuesday – books inspired by legends

  • Submitted: 8th June 2021

Books inspired by real life legends A book introduces readers to new worlds. What if that world is built on a legend? One where a…

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Five books with stories reimagined

  • Submitted: 11th May 2021

Novels which add stories to tales already told There is such a strong interest for novels which reimagine stories already told or which introduce real…

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Five novels set in the world of schools/academia

  • Submitted: 4th May 2021

Books set in schools, boarding schools, universities and academic settings They say your school days are the best of your life, right? Ha, well they…

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Five Books set in the Jungle

  • Submitted: 27th April 2021

Travel Tuesday -Books set in jungles and rainforests When you think of adventure, which setting gets you the most excited? Jungles and rainforests are particularly…

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