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Best BookTrails of August 2023

  • Submitted: 30th July 2023

Best BookTrails of August 2023

August is set to be a scorcher on the bookfront! Perfect for whiling away those sunny days on holiday or in your armchair with the window open. This is a bumper month for books so tuck in with this selection!

What should you be watching out for this month?

Best booktrails of august 2023

The travel choices

A gothic house with a glass cage inside

The wild coast and cliffs of Scotland

A Cornish getaway that turns bad

A Scandi Noir thriller that is very very dark

A retelling of a Shakespeare classic

Let’s travel!


London, Ray, Colchester, Essex, Los Angeles – The Turnglass by Gareth Rubin

The Turnglass Gareth Rubin


An house in England

The Turnglass – Gareth Rubin

Remote, creepy mansion with a glass cage inside

Someone does not want you there




Scottish Highlands – The Wild Coast – Lin Anderson

The Wild Coast Lin Anderson


Remote Scottish Highlands

The Wild Coast – Lin Anderson

Remote, and craggy cliffs that can kill

Fantastic police procedural





Cornwall with Nanny Wanted – Lizzy Barber

Nanny Wanted Lizzy BarberCornwall

Nanny Wanted – Lizzy Barber

Girl gets job in Cornwall but soon realises it’s not what she thought

A remote Cornish mansion. The perfect couple. And the deadly secrets that bind them.





Sweden – with a very dark thriller – The Girl in the Eagle’s Talons

The Girl in the Eagle's Talons Karin Smirnoff


The Girl in the Eagle’s Talons – Karin Smirnoff

Dark Scandi Noir

Very dark

Ironically the author has a name of a drink you will need by the end of this.





Verona – Fair Rosaline – Natasha Solomons

Fair Rosaline Natasha Solomons


An house in Verona. Well two actually.

Fair Rosaline- Natasha Solomons

Was the greatest ever love story a lie?

A retelling of the story of Romeo and Juliet by someone who was just on the sidelines…





Happy Travels this August!


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