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Five Books Set In Water

  • Submitted: 25th July 2023

Five Books set in water

Many books feature water in some way. A gorgeous blue sea, a babbling brook or a nice clear swimming pool. Some however make you afraid to get back in the water and  it’s not just a shark you have to worry about in the books below.

Five Books set in water

Starting with ones where the water is safe….

From a stream to a raging storm, here’s some very watery tales…


Life and Otter Miracles Hazel GaynorStream – Life and Otter Miracles – Hazel Prior

This is cute!

It features lots of cute otters in streams and rivers and a sanctuary that looks after them all. This is the kind of water you won’t mind getting close to when you see all the cute animals in this novel!

The main character even lives in a cottage with a stream at the bottom of the garden.




The Lido Libby PageSwimming pool – The Lido – Libby Page

A cute read and an even cuter watery setting.  Lidos are like old fashioned, outdoor swimming pools in cities. Here, in London, Rosemary, 86, and Kate, 26 meet and find they share a love of swimming outdoors. It makes you want to pop on your bathing costume and go join them. If the sun’s out of course.





The House Across the Lake Riley SagerLake – The House Across the Lake – Riley Sager

Here we have a body of water that is somewhat wilder and more dangerous than a stream or lido. This lake seems nice at first – in the middle of two houses with glass fronts and big drive ways. Holiday cabins in the remote woods where couples go to relax.

Well, it turns out your neighbours might not be who they appear to be. What you see from the window, reflected in the lake might not what you want to believe.



Now the water is getting a little more dangerous in this book….

The Wild Coast Lin AndersonWild rivers. streams and the North Sea – The Wild Coast – Lin Anderson

You can guess from the title really – there are some very rough waters in this book. Rugged coastline and the wilds of Scotland sound lovely but just wait until you look down over the cliffs and see what the water has washed up.

Craggy and dangerous in all its rugged beauty. Waters up here are wild and unpredictable.



Now, we’re in full – on storm mode with The Raging Storm by Ann Cleeves

The Raging Storm Ann CleevesThe sea – The Raging Storm – Ann Cleeves

The sea takes no prisoners in Devon and this book is awash with dangerous tides, rapid waters and weather that whips up the kind of waves you do not want to be caught up in.

Hang on tight as there is more than one storm in this book!






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