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Five Books Set in Places Where Monsters Lurk

  • Submitted: 18th July 2023

Five Books Set in Places Where Monsters Lurk

Books set in places where monsters lurk can contain all sorts of creatures. Real and imaginary. Creatures that are of another world and those that firmly belong in the real one.

Some are obvious whereas others are not. It’s the monsters in the shadows that you should always fear…

Five books set in places monsters lurk

The Leviathan Rosie AndrewsThe Leviathan – Rosie Andrews

Wait until you see what a leviathan is. This is a story set in Norfolk where thre has been a shipwreck and despite many years having passed since, the villagers are convinced that there is something in the water that did not die. There is supersitition and it will not rest.






Once a Monster Robert DinsdaleOnce a Monster by Robert Dinsdale

Oh my word, the monster here is a Minotaur for this is the modern retelling of the minotaur story. A creature with something like horns coming out of his head, and teeth as big as you’ve ever seen is found washed up along the mud banks of the Thames. It’s a harsh world for anyone but for creatures who are different, this is a very cruel world. A band of youngsters come across him as they are mudlarking on the sides of the river. What will they do when they find him clinging on to life?




Dr Jekull and Mr Seek Andres ONeillDr Jekyll and Mr Seek – Anthony O-Neil

There’s perhaps no better monster in fiction than in the classic novel Jekeyll and Hyde.  The man who literally turns into a monster before your very eyes. This book opens several years after the classic novel where a certain Dr Henry Jekyll comes back to London. Jekyll’s faithful lawyer and confidant Mr Utterson however, declares him to be an impostor because Jekyll and Hyde were one and the same. The two faces of Mr Jekyll and Mr Hyde….who should he believe?




interview with the vampire anne riceInterview with the Vampire – Anne Rice

There’s  no better book to explore what it means to be walk beside vampires as this beauty. Set in the gothic surroundings of New Orleans, this is a classic vampire tale that has led to so many more.

In a darkened room a young man sits telling the macabre and eerie story of his life – the story of a vampire, gifted with eternal life, cursed with an exquisite craving for human blood…..




The English monster Lloyd Shepherd

The English Monster – Lloyd Shepherd

This is perhaps the scariest monster as he was real. Back even before Jack the Ripper, there was a series of murders along the notorious Ratcliffe Highway in London. Here, a whole team of tailors working in their store were slaughtered despite them being along and locked inside. There were several murders of this kind and people still talk about who was the English Monster who butchered so many people.




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