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Category: Travel Tuesday

Books set on the beach – BookTrailLiterarySettings

  • Submitted: 7th April 2020

Beach reads for armchair travel - #BookTrailLiterarySettings Despite the lock down, there is one perfect way of travelling right now. That, my friends, is armchair…

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Books which show you the dark side of life

  • Submitted: 28th January 2020

Books take you places..some darker than others Books which show you the dark side of life - The BookTrail is all about literary travel but…

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Feel festive with fiction this travel tuesday

  • Submitted: 3rd December 2019

BookTrail an escape with a book at Christmas Now that title can be read in two ways. A book can allow you to immerse yourself…

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Books set on the island of Iceland

  • Submitted: 19th November 2019

Novels set in Iceland really show the country at its literary finest For such a small country, Iceland has some literary power. It's an island…

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Books set on an island

  • Submitted: 12th November 2019

Island settings for literary adventures There's something very exciting about island settings in novels. They are one of the best locations to be either relaxing…

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