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Cosy Reads for Autumn – Five Books to Fall into

  • Submitted: 5th September 2023

Five Books to Fall into this Autumn

There is nothing nicer when the weather turn colder and darker, than to have some literary goodies all saved up to devour. Reading beside the fire with a glass of hot chocolate is one of life’s finest pleasures.

Books to fall into this autumn



Stargazers Harriet EvansLondon, Sussex, Gloucestershire

The Stargazers Harriet Evans

This book is perfect for September reading. It’s out this month AND it has an orange cover. It’s also the perfect time to go around stargazing with the nights drawing in and the cool crisp air making its presence felt





Nanny Wanted Lizzy BarberCornwall

Nanny Wanted – Lizzie Barber

An autumn pick due to the orange  cover plus the fact it’s the time of year when you’re thinking of a new start in a new job, or new school year. Most of us return to work around this time after a lovely summer holiday and so why not see how someone else is getting on?





The Lost Bookshop Evie WoodsLondon

The Lost Bookshop, Evie Woods

This will give you a glowing feeling and leave you feeling all squishy and nice. It’s a beautiful story about books and the love of books. There’s a bookshop that may or may not be there and a missing manuscript. Famous places and writers feature within such as Shakespeare and Company in Paris and the Bronte sisters themselves!

Perfect for sitting down with in a big old armchair and sipping hot chocolate beside a roaring fire.



The Three Dahlias Katy WatsonEngland

The Three Dahlias – Katy Watson

This is a cosy mystery set in a manor house. Imagine the wooden panneling, the roaring fire and people sitting around reading. Ok, so someone is murdered in this book but that’s what we want as readers in cosy mysteries, right? Something we can investigate along with the people in the story. It would be great to spend time in real life here, without the killing of course.




The Moon Represents my Heart Pim Wangtechawat


London, Kowloon

The Moon Represents My Heart – Pim Wangtechawat

This seems like the perfect read for the nights drawing in. People tend to get more complentative and the rush and heat of the summer holidays is at an end. Children are back and school and it’s the start of a new season. So, time to reflect, right? Here is a time travelling love story.





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