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A mix of thoughts, opinions, literary travel tales to read when you’re deciding where to travel to next. A sort of literary departure lounge if you will!

A Holiday in Books

  • Submitted: 27th October 2020

Reading week in Sweden It's reading week in Sweden as I talked about on my last blog post. This got me thinking where I would go if I could literally…

A week dedicated to reading in Sweden – Läslov

  • Submitted: 25th October 2020

A reading holiday in Sweden A week dedicated to reading in Sweden - Läslov.  The word LÄSLOV literally translates as 'reading holiday' and that's exactly what it is. One week…

Locked Room mystery set in the French Alps – Ruth Ware

  • Submitted: 22nd October 2020

One by One with Ruth Ware Ruth Ware is the Queen of chilly landscapes in fiction and settings to make your skin crawl. So, I was interested in reading her…

Novel of Exiles set from London to Tasmania

  • Submitted: 19th October 2020

The story of London exiles to Tasmania This is a haunting tale based on true facts. Woman are transported from London to Tasmania on a convict ship when convicted of…

Ghostly tale set on the haunted shore of Orford Ness

  • Submitted: 15th October 2020

Haunted Suffolk with Neil Spring Neil Spring is my go to author for any true life tales to freak me out. He's already taken me to the most haunted house…

Featured Book

A Cornish Stranger

2000s: There’s an old Cornish saying: ‘Save a stranger from the sea, he’ll turn your enemy . .…

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