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Lake Louise, Canada
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A mix of thoughts, opinions, literary travel tales to read when you’re deciding where to travel to next. A sort of literary departure lounge if you will!

TheBookTrail roundup of Travels via books in June

  • Submitted: 29th June 2019

June has been a hot month book wise! Shame we can't say better about the weather in general. Having said that, the sun is definately out now that we are…

Thriller set on Cote d’Azur – The Reunion – Guillaume Musso

  • Submitted: 28th June 2019

School Reunion on the French Riviera? Set in one of the most glamorous parts of France, this school reunion should be nice. But it's FAR from that. The flagship school of…

Book set in Central America – Shadows Across America by Guillermo Valcarcel

  • Submitted: 27th June 2019

A violent thriller set in Central America's gang fuelled areas... Book set in Central America - Shadows Across America by Guillermo Valcarcel is the perfect book for Translation Thursday. It…

Books set in the animal world

  • Submitted: 25th June 2019

Travel to the zoo There's many books with animals in the story which really take the reader into a new time and place. Habitats where wild animals roam, rural country…

Adventure novel set in USA & Canada – The River by Peter Heller

  • Submitted: 23rd June 2019

An adventure down the Maskwa River The tagline shouts at you: No phones, no help, no going back: welcome to a hellish ride..The adventure of a lifetime. This is an Adventure…

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1928, 1990, 2016: The third in the Roy and Castells series taking them to Franco’s Spain

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