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Best BookTrail of the Month – March 2024

  • Submitted: 29th March 2024

Best BookTrail of the Month - 2024 The book that has won the award for BBOTM in March is a very special one and the journey was one of history…

Translated fiction set in Italy

  • Submitted: 28th March 2024

The House on Via Gemito - Domenico Starnone A book about trauma across generations Plenty of Italian flavour An epic and long read but one with shadows along the way.…

Ghostly LGBTQ+ novel set in PARIS

  • Submitted: 27th March 2024

Spitting Gold - Carmella Lowkis Ghostly LGBTQ+ novel set in PARIS. Good sister, bad sister - one last con I mean what a blurb that is! Set in Paris,  we…

Crime fiction set in Savage Ridge, USA

  • Submitted: 25th March 2024

Savage Ridge - Morgan Greene In a small town in the American Pacific North West The tagline of the book is  Why did they kill Sammy Saint John? Now location…

The Midnight House set in Ireland

  • Submitted: 22nd March 2024

The Midnight House set in Ireland This is a book set in a large country manor in County Kerry. It's a house filled with emptiness however. One woman disappears by…

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