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A mix of thoughts, opinions, literary travel tales to read when you’re deciding where to travel to next. A sort of literary departure lounge if you will!

Coming up for Air in Paris with Sarah Leipciger

  • Submitted: 16th March 2020

Coming up for Air in Paris, Norway and Canada Sometimes there is a book which comes along and moves you to such an extent that you can't write a review…

FrenchBookWeek on The BookTrail

  • Submitted: 15th March 2020

Vive La France in books and stories FrenchBookWeek on The BookTrail  - French books have a special place in my heart having read so many during my studies and having…

Book of Echoes set in London and Nigeria by Rosanna Amaka

  • Submitted: 13th March 2020

Travel to London and Nigeria via the book of echoes Book of Echoes set in London and Nigeria by Rosanna Amaka - What a unique read. A story narrated by…

Crime fiction set in Sweden – Black River by Will Dean

  • Submitted: 11th March 2020

Back to Gavrik with Tuva Moodyson A very special book this one. Book three in the series about reporter Tuva Moodyson who works in small town Sweden. She's been a…

Booktrail Bookfair of books set in London

  • Submitted: 10th March 2020

Booktrail Book fair of books set in London Today should have been the first day of the London Book Fair so why not have a book fair of your own…

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1579: Inspired by  a real story of Francis Drake and the only woman on board the Golden Hind…

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