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Literary Locations for New Year Adventures

  • Submitted: 31st December 2019

There are some very good books coming out in 2020. You are set for a year of great literary travel. Whether you prefer crime fiction or romance, historical or horror, there is something in store for you.

Here’s a few adventures to BOOK into your diary:

Literary Locations for New Year Adventures

Literary Locations for New Year Adventures

Book set in Oslo

Death Deserved by Thomas Enger and Jorn Lier Horst

This is a great new series from the top two writers in Norway. A police procedural set in the world of celebrity and where everyone wants their five minutes of fame. The traces of one celebrity blogger are found in and around Oslo so they police have their work cut out….

A great new series which went straight to the top of the TBR pile here!

Literary Locations for New Year Adventures

Book set in Bejing, Tibet

Braised Pork by An Yu

A woman finds her husband dead in the bath with a clue beside him. So, she sets about finding out what it all means…..

Literary fiction at its finest this one!

Literary Locations for New Year Adventures

Book set in England

The Other People by C J Tudor

Travelling along the motorway, a man sees a girl in the car in front and realises it’s his daughter..only he has no idea whose car it is and why his daughter isn’t safely tucked up at home…..

Literary Locations for New Year Adventures

Book set in Northumberland

Beast by Matt Wesolowski

OMG this book! A great way to start your new reading year and it comes out in February in paperback but you can kindle it now! It’s the fourth episode in the Six Stories series and the writing is sharper than ever. There’s tales of vampires, a body found in a tower, the wilderness of the Northumberland moors and intrigue piled on top of intrigue! I love this series of novels and this podcast style of writing comes to life from the page. You can hear the character’s stories, hear the crackle of the radio and feel the whip of the Northern wind on your face as you decide who is telling the truth…..

Literary Locations for New Year Adventures

Book set in Scotland

Pine by Francine Toon

What a cover! What a story! Then there’s the setting! Lauren and her father are driving home in the Scottish woods. There’s a woman in front of them in the road, standing there…..

The setting is one of a Grimm’s fairy tale. There is a sense of witchery, other worldly beings and a deep, increasing sense of unease. Glorious!


Be prepared to really travel miles and miles on great literary adventures in 2020! Happy New Year everyone!

Susan x





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