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Travel to the Lindbergh baby case – New Jersey

  • Submitted: 5th October 2022

The Lindbergh Nanny and baby Most of you will have heard of the famous Lindbergh baby kidnapping in 1932. Charles Lindbergh was the famous aviator…

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Greg Mosse and The Coming Darkness locations

  • Submitted: 2nd October 2022

Mosse in 2037 Paris Why did author Greg Mosse write a spy thriller set in 2037's Paris? BookTrail the locations in The Coming Darkness When…

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Four animals. Four authors. One adventure

  • Submitted: 30th September 2022

Authors on trails with animals There have been some very fun animal - infused titles in crime ficton lately. The Moose Paradox and The Rabbit…

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On The Beaten Track with Louise Mangos

  • Submitted: 27th September 2022

On The Beaten Track with Louise Mangos The Beaten Track is set in and today Louise Mangos talks about the locations in the novel and…

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Travel along River Sing Me Home with Eleanor Shearer

  • Submitted: 25th September 2022

River Sing Me Home travelling locations A very special journey in this book and one I am eager to share with you. This is a…

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A Conflict of Interests

1944: Is Josephine’s husband guilty of a crime?

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