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Travel to Rome with Kate Eberlen

  • Submitted: 29th May 2020

Rome - ing around the locations of ONLY YOU Ever wanted to learn a language? Been tempted to go to a language school in the…

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Travel to Fall Out locations with M N Grenside

  • Submitted: 24th May 2020

Fall Out locations with M N Grenside It's time to play the music and time to light the lights So now, let's meet M Grenside…

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Travel to Bucharest with Bogdan Teodorescu

  • Submitted: 20th May 2020

Romania landscapes in Sword by Bogdan Teodorescu The Romanian Noir novel Sword does much more than offer a great insight into the city of Bucharest,…

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Travel along the Amber Route with Chris Schuler

  • Submitted: 16th May 2020

Author Chris Schuler takes us on a guided tour Along the Amber Route Today there's an author at The BookTrail who has travelled the length…

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Literary Locations of Tina Frennstedt

  • Submitted: 11th May 2020

From Bangkok to Sweden with Tina Frennstedt Tina Frennstedt is one of Sweden's most acclaimed and hard-nosed crime reporters. She has been the news editor…

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Mexican Gothic

1950s: A mesmerising feminist re-imagining of Gothic fantasy in 1950s Mexico

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